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This page is for Registered Users who are seeking a higher access level. The Administrative team will monitor this page every couple of days. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Access Levels Available[]


If the Beaurocratic teams notices the need for another Beaurocrat, then a person from the community will be voted in. Ther only requirement for this position is that the person requested must also be an Administrator.


Has the right to ban users, delete pages and modify administrative settings.

  • Requirements:
    • Must already be a Rollbacker
    • 1500 Edits
    • 4 consecutive months being active.


Can rollback pages easily.

  • * Requirements:
  • Requirements
    • Must already be a Forum Moderator
    • 1000 Edits
    • 3 consecutive months being active.

Forum Moderator[]

Moderates the Forums / Chat Messages. Has access to full control of the Forum.

  • Requirements
    • Must already be a Chat Moderator
    • 500 Edits
    • 2 consecutive months being active.

Chat Moderator[]

Moderates the Wiki Chat.

  • Requirements
    • Registered User
    • 250 Edits
    • 1 month being active.


Before you can apply for these positions, you must meet all the requirements. If not, your request will be denied immediately

Request Rights[]

Place your request below. Make sure to state your reason, name and how long you have been on the wiki for.