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Jordan Maron, known on YouTube as CaptainSparklez, is a YouTube gamer personality. His most famous gameplay series are his Survival Series on Minecraft. Jordan also posts gameplay of other games such as Agar.io, Happy Wheels, Left 4 Dead 2, Portal, Trials Evolution, Garry's Mod, and rarely Call of Duty, often playing in co-op with some of his friends. CaptainSparklez is famous for his Minecraft parodies where he changes the lyrics of a popular song to fit into the world of Minecraft. These parodies are all sung by TryHardNinja.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "Get wrecked, kid!"
  • "Wrecked, and a half!"
  • "Get wrecked, son!"
  • "See ya, bud!"
  • "Donezo'd!"
  • "It's [most definitely] yer boi!"
  • "STOP IT."
  • "What is this?!"
  • "We could all be friends!"
  • "Don't do it!"
  • "Goddammit!"
  • "In a world where..."
  • "That's gnarly!"
  • "Mistakes were made."
  • "It wouldn't be an episode of Ultra Modded survival without some facepalms."
  • "TNT Ready! Creeper Down!"
  • "That's Gnarbuckle"
  • (with possibly British accent ) "Bit ah Lag'
  • "Uhhh, puttit on da pizzah"
  • "Jardan you fool"


  • Due to the copyright claims on Minecraft Style, Jordan has decided to only do original music from now on despite popular request to stick with parodies.
  • Lemon Poppy-seed muffins are one of his favorite types of muffin.
  • Jordan only wears a black or grey shirt and green basketball shorts.
  • Jordan has also voiced over the Lego Minecraft Commercial .
  • On Jordan's birthday, in a mianite pre-stream he exceeded 200 Twitch subscribers in half an hour.
  • He made his own mobile game called "Fortress Fury"
  • Jordan used to ride unicycles and skateboards he still loves them both (skateboarding more so).