Chad Quandt is a former writer and member of Polaris. He was known as the occasional "fill in" host of the Daily Byte, which is renamed "Chad Chomp" during his segments.  He was also an employee of Maker Studios. Chad began as a regular co-host of the Game Station show REMAG Daily alongside Neil and Commander Holly before being integrated into the Polaris family.

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Chad now works at Frederator Studios as a writer for such shows as "Adventure Time". In his goodbye polaris video chad states that he did not leave on bad terms but instead got "An opportunity that I could not pass down".

"Paranoia Shoppe" PodcastEdit

Chad is also the co-host of the un-updated comedy podcast Paranoia Shoppe , which discusses topics such as conspiracies, the supernatural and weird events throughout history in a humorous but oddly compelling way.

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